LIBRA  By Palma International is an Indonesia-based company.
The company motto is ‘Good and sustainable quality’. We strive to manufacture sustainable products by using recyclable plastic, plantation trees or recycled wood in our production. At the same time, LIBRA also ensures new trees are planted, so that production is not at the expense of future generations. What’s more, quality comes before price, so neither you nor your customer will ever find that compromises have been made on the condition of the furniture.

Follow the trees

We have chosen to be 100% transparent when it comes to sustainable production. So, in collaboration with the organization “TREES 4 TREES“ , we have set up a system enabling your customers to scan a QR code that comes with their new piece of furniture and get information about the geographical location of the newly planted tree. Your customers can feel confident that you are helping to respect the planet in collaboration with sustainable producers and companies. We are faithful to the raw materials of Indonesia, which means that the furniture is produced to a quality that doesn’t compromise on the craftsmanship or the materials available in Indonesia. Furthermore the Indonesian tradition and artistry handed down from generation to generation, blended with design, creates the modern lines and pieces you see in the LIBRA range.

Denmark in the East

LIBRA is guided by its Danish roots but has its actual company base in Indonesia. Founded in 2003 by the owner Helle Nielsen, the company supplies high-quality outdoor furniture to many destinations, including Denmark. Today, the company is run from the province of Yogyakarta on the island of Java, where it has entered into a joint venture with a furniture manufacturer who produces the vast majority of the pieces. This ensures that the factory knows the company’s quality requirements and is able to live up to them. LIBRA has carefully selected furniture manufacturers to produce the remainder of its products. It sets them the same requirements, and knows that they are able to meet them.

LIBRA is also taking part in furniture fairs and creates projects in collaboration with its partner, interior designer Marco Janson from Hamburg Germany, thus engaging ideas and concepts from Denmark, Germany and Indonesia. We are proud to be a sustainable and successful company with exports worldwide, including Australia, North & South America, Europe & Asia.

The regions of Java

The island of Java can be divided into a western part specialising in rattan production and weaving, and central Java, which specialises in wood carving and timber production. Having some of the remaining products made in the western area and others in the central part not only ensures overall quality, but also means that specialists in the various crafts have been found and employed to make our product the best it can be.

A wide-ranging values policy

In addition to environment, protection of wildlife, sustainability, quality, human rights, education, working and payment conditions are all values that are important to us and our production activities, and this is nothing the people at LIBRA are willing to compromise on.


Jl. Timoho II, No. 30B, Muja Muju, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 55165

+62 (0) 274 554 564

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