RattanĀ furniture are made fromĀ fast growingĀ canes woven together to create natural furniture and decorations.

Kubu and Slimit rattans are characterized by a more grey color obtained by soaking in mud for two weeks.Ā  As a result of this process you gain a stronger product and a beautiful refinedĀ  grey color using no chemicals or paints.

Frames are made of Manau cane, the best and most sought after cane available for furniture manufacturing, this is due to itā€™s thickness and density. Manau cane is stronger than other canes and more resistant to stress and cracking.

These natural furniture are ideal for any home, veranda, terrace or patio.

Cleaning and Maintenance

For best maintenance only clean with wet cloth and mild soap, make sure furniture dries completely after washing. If used for outdoor move inside or to a covered area during bad weather conditions. If exposed to water make sure that product dries completely !

Water and moist can damage rattan.

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