Teak is the strongest and most durable tree sort available and is often used for boat decks, outdoor furniture and other articles where weather resistance is desired. The timber is golden of color with good grains and texture and is often left natural.

If left outdoor Teak will over time gain a characteristic silverish color also known as patina.

Teak can also be treated with teak oil and teak shield, or other wood stains to obtain a desired color.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Periodic cleaning of your teak furniture is always a good thing, as it will help to maintain the general appearance, and prevent dirt from building up. Hosing your teak off will do the trick, but we don’t recommend a high pressure washer. Clean using a mild solution of warm water and a little detergent (you can even add a few tablespoons of bleach). Then rinse with fresh water. Some people prefer to cover their furniture when they are not using it for long periods of time, which will also help keep it clean and protected

Teak is a very forgiving hardwood, and scratches, scrapes and stubborn stains (like oil and red wine) can usually be removed using a light to medium grade sandpaper or soap water.

We recommend GoldenCare© products to treat your wooden products. www.golden-care.com


Small cracks, nail holes, differences in color and size are part of reclaimed woods characteristics. Using reclaimed wood for your furniture makes each piece unique.

The worlds resources are not endless buying reclaimed wood comes with no cost to the environment.

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