ON 13 October 2023 • EVENTS

We also have been regularly participating at the JIFFINA, Jogja International Furniture & Craft Fair Indonesia, which is a part of the Asia Furniture show circle held in March each year.

More than 300 exhibitors from Java and Bali have participated to display their new innovation in furniture design and latest collection of furnishing craft with stylish design. JIFFINA is an exhibition packed with simplicity and prioritized to associate all buyers and craftsmen directly.

JIFFINA shows a significant growth of the combination between craftsmanship skills, exquisite materials and advanced design which Indonesia’s furniture industry could offer to the international market. In this event, we exhibit our newest collection, indoor and outdoor furniture & decoration collection focusing on good quality material wrapped in exclusive design.

During 4 days exhibition, buyers can also visit our showroom which is located only 3.7 km away (10 minutes driving) from the Exhibition Hall. With approximately 1.500 sqm showroom area (indoor and outdoor), we are displaying our complete collections. We provide a transport that drive buyers to our showroom during the exhibition.

Enjoy our collections and we look forward to welcoming you at the next JIFFINA.